Design and Detail Assistance
With more than two decades of experience with architectural building materials and their application, the professionals at Seneca API bring valuable insight to any building project. By including Seneca in the process at the outset, our knowledge is at your disposal and we are more than willing to assist in the design phase with our technical expertise.

Color/Texture Sample
There's no substitute for getting it right, and that's why Seneca API offers color and texture samples of the materials we carry. With our experience and equipment, we are able to create samples quickly so that you can see and touch the material before you commit to large-scale application. Quality and satisfaction are assured from the beginning.

In-house Color Matching
At Seneca API, we have one of the best in-house ColorLabs in the United States. Bring in a material sample, a swatch, the corner of a shirt, and we'll sample the color, analyze its make-up and duplicate that color in a material sample so correct you won't believe your eyes. It's one more way we are committed to being more than distributors of inert materials.

Color Tinting
Our ColorLab's real work lies in the tinting of our surfacing materials. Once a color is selected, or a custom color mixed, our highly trained color lab staff meticulously tint the material to order. There's an art and science to tinting, and that's why we do it on site in Phoenix and Dewey. We can control quality and assure consistency and accuracy with our ColorTrak System.

Jobsite Delivery
Our professional, trained drivers will deliver your product to you. At Seneca API, we own our own delivery equipment, and we can confidently say that our commitment to our customers extends all the way to the jobsite.

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