Whether your project is commercial, industrial or residential, Seneca API can assist with you from the project concept, design, installation and maintenance phases.

Our staff prides itself on understanding our manufacturer's products and their applicability. Seneca API stringently follows the manufacturer's written specifications and details, and if we don't have the answer, we won't guess, we will get it from the manufacturer. Count on it!

At your request, Seneca API can help coordinate the critical design and detail aspects of your project through the manufacturer's technical and engineering departments. A critical service often misunderstood, neglected or ignored.

Our ColorLab can be a tremendous asset when custom color matching, color formulation, texture selection and sample fabrication are required. We understand how critical color, texture and form are to a project's ultimate success.

Applicator and Installer referrals. Seneca API can provide a listing of approved applicator installers who have attended manufacturer's application training and continual educational programs.

Seneca can provide the building owner with the manufacturer's cleaning and maintenance recommendations as well as the materials.
If we can be of assistance, please call!

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