Being Internet Citizens ourselves, we're big believers in privacy here at Seneca Architectural Products. Inc. In keeping with the guidelines outlined by the Internet Advertising Bureau, here's the skinny on our privacy policy for

Information Collection:
If you send us an email, or fill out a form on our site, we will contact you about your request. At some point in time, if we ever get a few free minutes from doing client work, we might send you a newsletter or some other email to tickle your interest. We also look at the log files on our Web server to evaluate traffic patterns, but this only identifies you by your IP number. What we will not do is sell your information to other companies or mailing lists, nor will we abuse our privilege in having your contact information. We hate spam, too. If you really don't want to ever hear from us again, just tell us so and we'll remove you from the archive, no problem.

Other disclosures:
We are committed to data security, and protect our Web server and internal network servers with firewalls and frequent supervision of server activity. We don't store any personal or credit card information on our server. We reserve the right to compare our data with industry trends, and show it in a nifty Power Point presentation someday (if we ever get so bored we can't find anything better to do). We also reserve the right to supplement our data with third-party acquired data, but we doubt we'll ever need to. Most of the folks who contact us are very nice, and really want a Web site, so they tell us plenty of information in order to facilitate a custom quote. As an agency, we feel it is part of our core business ethics to keep all client-agency communications as privileged information, similar to an attorney or a doctor. We have signed NDAs for many projects, and will continue to hold privacy as one of our main concerns. If you have any questions about privacy, or want us to forever delete your name from our minds, please email us, or write: Seneca Architectural Products. Inc. 3531 East Illini Street, Phoenix, Arizona 85040 USA.

Cookies and Log Files:
We don't use cookies. We do look at our log files from time to time. It's fascinating. We encourage you to look at your own log files at least once a month. It's good for you. We do not use click stream data on our site. (We do on some of our client sites, though, but this information is strictly associated with IP only, not personal information or identity.)

Choice and Consent:
You can't "opt out" of log files. It just doesn't work that way. Sorry. You can, however, "opt out" of being contacted by us by simply requesting to be deleted from our archives (see the first section above, or just email us). As far as we know, no minor or individual under the age of 13 would be remotely interested in our site, but just for the record we support the requirements set forth by the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA).

Data Quality and Access:
We keep a chronological record of all our contact form information. We have yet to use it in any way, but if we did we'd probably make sure that the email addresses were fresh and accurate. After all, it doesn't make much marketing sense to email an old list, right? We have files dating back to our site launch, so they're bound to be a bit stale after a while. If you contacted us way back, then you can pretty well bet that we'll purge your record if we decide to do some internal marketing.

Limited Use:
Why are we collecting all these contact form records? Because we try to practice what we preach. We believe that you should be able to look back someday and benchmark the success of your site, and this is one way that we can benchmark our site's usefulness. Even if we don't send you newsletters, we can at least count how many inquiries we’ve had over the years, and what their interests were. Good stuff there, making for good marketing decisions. Again, this is just for our records, not for selling to spam-lists. We value your privacy almost as much as our own. You can tell us exactly how to use your information and when. The only exception is this: If, for whatever reason, the use and disclosure of information is required by law through a subpoena, search warrant or other legal process, then disclosure may take place without the individual's consent. We seriously hope this never happens, but we have to say this because our attorney is rather strict.

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